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Review Portals Solo Exhibition at the Red Door Gallery and Collective in Oakland, CA


-Cameron Thrash, 11/25/08

Lisa poured out The Thin Places for all to see. And in her hand the bending spree, in wistful, flowing, calming traumic interface, the witness be. Thinness of distinction. Thinness of discrepancy. The space between, the space unseen, the space where the twilight and the knowing sheen, find in each other the harmonic mean.

Spices emanating upward from the nestled mandala-savory-space, lubricating the nostrils with memories chased from deeper places sight unseen. Light and scent (!), we enter the scene, diving in towards the hidden seam. Paintings cast in measured care, with wildness constrained by just the bare mounts in the frames ringing evenly the room, holding in each a lingering tune, of the place where spirit and thisness meet.

A lozenge for the eyes and mind. Symmetries nestled in fun-filled calling mysteries bind. Pneuma. Anasazi. Darknesses, incomplete, faint, whistling memories that you barely taste again. The deeper reaches of the mind, trickling away in kind. Lingering whispers haunting so, bartered through the colors claimed in Ka and Bardo, the journey from each piece to another bringing with it a glancing blow. A living, feeling, beautiful, explosion inward away from the evening glow.

Linearity in Lil, shocking still, organized and regal. Containment stressed on that thinness undressed thoroughly saturating the acrylic finesse of boundary and order on yet another sinking beckoning regress. Moving me back and out and around, to touch and caress, the space, the place, my girl’s soft press. The art, for me, is a seeping, see, from hand and thought outward, and in to me. The expressions from you are a simple plea, for a return, a dance, some part of me.

Art that inspires, art that plants a seed, art that pushes and bleeds.


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Lisa Rasmussen MFA

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • Broken Drum, San Rafael, CA 2011-present
  • JFKU Gallery. Caol Ait (Thin Places) Berkeley, CA 2008
  • JFKU, Dreaming the Earth, Berkeley, CA 2008
  • Color Graphics, Corporate Exhibition, San Francisco, CA 2008-2010
  • The Red Door Gallery, Portals, Oakland, CA 2008

Gallery Representation

  • Terra Firma Gallery, San Rafael, CA, 2011-present
  • ROOM Gallery, San Rafael, CA 2010-2011
  • Studio 333, Sausalito, CA 2007-2009

Selected Group Exhibitions

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Photography/Eco Artist

My photography is a form of seeing as well a process of me becoming a witness

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Lisa currently lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Every day she rides her bike to the ocean to meditate and connect. Art is her life. She feels ART

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Transformative Art Teacher

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Community Artist


Community Artist, Educator, and Collaborator


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