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Goddess Pilgrimage to the Island of Miracles: Tinos & Delos Greece

June 9 – June 16, 2017

Artemis: Sacred Journeys to the Soul


With Facilitators & Guides

Rockwood Lane PhD, RN  and
Lisa Rasmussen MFA,

Delos Pilgrimage with Michael Samuels, MD

What would it be like to spend an entire week rediscovering and honoring your Divine Self?

Reserve Your Place in this enchanted circle: Deposit $500 Pay HERE

DEADLINE: May 15,  2017

Come journey with us to the Greek island of Tinos, for an empowering and creative eight-day sacred Yoga and Art retreat. Tinos is a Cyclades island filled with delights and treasures. Awaken and rekindle your ancient inner Goddess wisdom through YogART, dream-work/art, intuitive painting, evocation, initiation, personal mythology, ritual , sacred sites, incredible food, and adventure. All illuminated by the intersection of the creative, the sacred, and the healing spirit. Each of our retreats weave together art, yoga, meditation, connection to the spirit of the land, personal empowerment, a reverence for all life, and Lila (Divine play.)

Each day we activate a Grecian Goddess Archetype, through intention, evocation, dreamwork, and a transformative Yoga and Art workshop. HER spirit will guide us through our daily practice, across the surreal landscape, and into the vibrant Greek culture. In this transformative Art,Dream work, Meditation, Exploring the Chakra’s. Yoga, Deep Listening and Nature Sound Healing Retreat you will envision your goals and embody your higher calling. This Retreat will cultivate the unique capacity of the Arts to heal, awaken, manifest and transform. In our integrative and holistic Retreat program you will dive deep into your intra personal transformation through Art and its magical processes. In turn you will gain access to innate wisdom that will guide you into becoming a powerful Transformative Artist and Manifestor. We look forward to supporting, to listening, and to fostering your inner Muse!

What await? Bliss


  • Dive deep into the Mysteries and Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine with transformative Yoga and Art workshops based on the Greek Goddesses. Body mapping, mandala making, intuitive painting,dream art, journaling, and eco art with Mary Rockwood Lane and Lisa Rasmussen
  • Sacred Sites and Enchanting tour of Delos with Dr. Michael
  • Greet the Aegean sea with morning Beach Yoga sessions
  • Build community, friendship and support Be part of a Goddess Bee
    Hive we form
  •  Exploring the quaint villages of Tinos
  • Basking in the sun on Tino’s beaches
  • Enchanted evocation, beneath the Full Moon we will activate your
    Priestess archetype
  • Connection with the Goddess of the sea at the Golden Beach Hotel
    where we will be staying
  •   Art Supplies
  •  7 Breakfast and 7 Lunch included. Two Special Dinners

Remember that each one of us is a healer, an artist,a priestess, and is a goddess. Come find her, remember her, be her, and return home with an epiphany of your true power!


Reserve Your Place in this enchanted circle: Deposit $500 Pay HERE

Early Bird Pricing till May 7, 2017

Single $1799  Early Bird $1699 Pay HERE

Double/Shared per person:
$1599 Early Bird  $1499 Pay HERE

Triple/Shared 3 per person:
$1399  Early Bird $1299 Pay HERE

We will follow up with an e-mail and confirmation.

Inquiries E-MAIL Lisa at artemissacredjourneys@gmail.com


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“You Are Art, Everyone is Art, and Everything is Art.”  

By Lisa Rasmussen MFA

This meditation is akin to the practice of Namaste. When I was in the Himalaya taking a journey up the mountain. All that passed would whisper and say to you Namaste and bow. They were honoring the divine light within you. For this practice look at the world as a big canvas. Leave all judgment at bay and proclaim and honor Art in everything!

Begin by taking a walk, a stroll in this world. Begin a mindful internal dialogue: Whomever you pass by, say internally “You are Art, then say I am Art.”

When you pass by an animal on the earth and in the sky, say internally to them “You are Art, then say I am Art.”

When you look at the flowers, the trees, and the grass say internally to them “You are Art, I am Art.”

When you meet a friend and a family member say to them “You are Art, I am Art.”

When look at Humanity say to the sea of 7.1 billion people from all corners of the globe internally “You are Art, I am Art.”

When look at the sky, the stars, the ocean, the Earth say to them “You are Art, I am Art.”

When feel the wind, sense something larger than yourself say to it “You are Art, I am Art.”

Then internally and externally say. “Everything is Art! To Be in the present moment is Art. To be in Eternity is Art. I am Art You are Art!”

Ruminate: True Art is when the Artist becomes the Art itself. You are the Creator of your own Creation. Art is Life, Life is Art. Continue practicing this throughout the day.



Do you feel a sense of radiance?  


Do you feel a sense of awe?


Inspired by a 30 Day Art 4 All People YogART Challenge, while Co-writing YogART 4 Compassion with Ceylan Hulya MA, Co-Founder of Art 4 All People with me

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Rediscovering the Art of Reverence         

–by John O’Donohue (May 09, 2016)

What you encounter, recognize or discover depends to a large degree on the quality of your approach. Many of the ancient cultures practiced careful rituals of approach. An encounter of depth and spirit was preceded by careful preparation.


When we approach with reverence, great things decide to approach us. Our real life comes to the surface and its light awakens the concealed beauty in things. When we walk on the earth with reverence, beauty will decide to trust us. The rushed heart and arrogant mind lack the gentleness and patience to enter that embrace. […]



In order to become attentive to beauty, we need to rediscover the art of reverence. Our world seems to have lost all sense of reverence. We seldom even use the word any more. The notion of reverence is full of riches that we now need desperately. Put simply, it is appropriate that a human being should dwell on this earth with reverence. As children we become aware of the word ‘reverence’ as used to describe the way a person is present in prayer or liturgy. When a priest celebrated the mass with a sense of reverence, you sensed the depth of his presence to the mystery. Though the church was full of people, he was absorbed in something that could not be seen. Ultimately, reverence is respect before mystery.


But it is more than an attitude of mind; reverence is also physical — a dignified attention of body showing that sacred is already here. Reverence is not to be reduced to a social posture. Reverence bestows dignity and it is only in light of dignity that the beauty and mystery of a person will become visible. Reverence is not the stiff pious posture which remains frozen and lacks humour and play. To live with a sense of reverence is not to become a prisoner of dull piety.


Playfulness, humour, and even a sense of the anarchic are companions of reverence because they insist on the proper proportion of the human presence in the light of the eternal. Reverence is also the companion of humility. When human hubris intrudes on or manipulates the sacred, the consequence is inevitably humiliation. In contrast, a sense of reverence includes the recognition that one is always in the presence of the sacred.


To live with reverence is to live without judgment, prejudice and the saturation of consumerism. The consumerist heart becomes empty and lonesome because it has squandered reverence. As parent, child, lover, prayer or artist — a sense of reverence opens pathways to beauty to surprise us. The earth is full of thresholds where beauty awaits the wonder of our gaze.

Excerpted from Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue


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Thirteen years ago, when I was in undergraduate school at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. We were required to take a Music Lecture 101 course as part of studies. The professor, Kabin Thomas was an amazing and inspiring guy, whose style embraced Carpe Diem. In his class he had us reflect on life, art, your purpose, and music. One his core assignments was to write your Eulogy. Writing your own eulogy is psychological exercise, that really makes you think about what legacy do you want to leave behind. When your dead what do you want to be remember for. 

By happenstance yesterday I found my Eulogy paper in my studio. Below was my vision in 2003. To date, 2016 ~ I have accomplished many of these things on smaller scale. See my Arts & Healing programs that I developed HERE. I have a lot of work to do and I need to refine my mission. But I will sit in Namaste Consciousness and BE so grateful, that some of dreams have come true.


Eulogy From Circa 2003

Lisa Rasmussen saw the sunset as one of the ultimate masterworks in the universe.  She was a bohemian goddess, an adventurer, a guide, an alchemist, and a journeywoman.  Her life took her to sacred sites around the globe.  She lived her philosophy of “art is life, as life is art”.  She understood and communicated that the salvation and empowerment of humanity is to love, to respect, to express and to create; and most importantly without judgment.  Lisa’s legacy is the art she created, her numerous paintings, ceramics and sculptures, which are infused with the spiritual message that we are all interconnected, from the flower, to the whales, to humanity — we are all part of the same web.

Lisa’s art can be absorbed globally in contemporary museums in New York, Spain, Italy, and Egypt. Her ceramics and paintings are also in many private collections, such as the Dali Lama, Jane Goodall and Brad Pitt.  Her longtime partner Don De Leon will take Lisa’s ashes to Nepal and Tibet, and search for the Green Tara.

At forty Lisa became a sage and conquered all her demons. She taught ceramics at California State-University at Santa Cruz and countless universities in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.  She inspired her students and herself to create some of the most original and sacred objects in contemporary art.  Her teaching style took her and her students to remote parts of the world, to learn sacred art.  Lisa is also responsible for the cultivation of the global and infamous, nonprofit organization called the Art of Life: Greenhouse Studios, which mission is to empower all individuals with the tools to create their own reality.

Lisa leaves behind a band of extended families around the world, that continue to grow, thrive and cultivate their own “art of life” at the Greenhouse Studios.  In 2010 she started the Art is Life Greenhouse Studios in San Francisco.  The studio is a nonprofit organization for like-minded artists, gurus and teachers, who want to make a difference in the world. The focus of the studio was the power of creativity. The studio reached out to the community and became an oasis for abused individuals, who were healed through the activation of their art. The Greenhouse also is the home to numerous abused animals. The studio incorporated creating with the presence and respect of animals. The studio attracted actors, gurus and artisans, who were questing to give back to the world. It continues to be sanctuary and shelter for the abused and oasis for their pets. Art and creating are the only mandatory qualifications to reside in the Greenhouse Studio. The art that sources from the Greenhouse is the finest in the art world; it is art from the soul. The mission of the Studio is to stop all abuses and to express and empower through the act of creation.  Within five years the Greenhouse studios began to bloom and spread to the world countries of Bolivia, Peru, Africa, Nepal, China, Tibet and Italy. The global Greenhouse studios with Lisa’s insistence became learning grounds for sacred arts. Local Shamans Gurus, and Artisans where invited as guests to teach. The studios have introduced the rebirth of sacred Art in the daily lives of these cultures. The Greenhouse studios have become centers for indigenous youth to learn artistic traditions, to relearn great respect for the culture, and to relearn respect for the natural world. Most of the creating takes place in sacred grounds of the country. The magnificent artists’ that the studios have cultivated have chosen to give back to their countries and their communities. They have erased the stigma of the third world. And have stopped trying Americanize their realities.  Empowerment and Pride have been infused into their ancient and rich cultures.

The global Greenhouses also are a sanctuary for the abused and a shelter for abused animals. One of the most powerful messages in the Studio is what animals can teach humans when they connect with them. Lisa has also set in place veterinarians from the U.S. to volunteer and spay and neuter the overpopulation of dogs and cats in these counties.

Also the Greenhouse in San Francisco provided study abroad programs to the other global studios. The studios have become healing centers for all who attended.  In her Greenhouse studios she provided art studios and learning, as well as spiritual lectures and Yoga. The Greenhouse Studios have become magnets for the great creative spirits — the genius of minds in all of the arts … healing and traditional.

Many European and Balinese master artists teach in this setting because it is done in the traditional way. The Art of Life Studios have also set up angel funding for emerging and struggling artists in the world. Hence the Eternal Guild — Lisa’s work and her band of spiritual bohemians, can be found in galleries around the world.  Called Eternal Guild Galleries, all of the proceeds go back to the foundation and to animal rights, human rights and preservation and protection of the earth.

Lisa is also responsible for the top five corporations’ new mind set to give back. They dominate corporations thorough Lisa persistence; Have created a New Renaissance-supporting the arts, nature and life. All companies are giving 10% of their profits to worldwide organizations- for art, preservation and to stop all abuses. They have also committed to budget tons of money to clean up mother earth.

The world has become a living art gallery.  Lisa has had here hands in saving many endangered species like the Giant Panda, the Whales, the Siberian Tigers, and the Mountain Gorillas.  With corporations giving back there is no need to exploit and rape the earth anymore.  

13762_512060578815698_484218569_nLastly one must mention Lisa’s children books — The Adventures of Kitty Bliss, which have planted the seeds in the young generation to have a powerful soul with faith, love and respect for all of life. Her books have surpassed Dr. Seuss and can be found in every language in the world.  Lisa’s spirit lives on in her grace, her creativity, and her art.  But also in the lives, she has touched through the Art of Life Greenhouse Studios, Eternal Guild Galleries and the Kitty Bliss series.

As the main character in Kitty Bliss discovered, if we all dream the same dream it will happen. For today all over the world people are dreaming the same dream … creating, expressing and .. . creating with love and respect for all life.  And the world has become a kinder, more beautiful and gentler place.

Write you own Eulogy? See one example of a writing exercise HERE. It is a powerful practice! Share if you care to!

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“My experience of creating with these extraordinary children, two of my core beliefs about art have been affirmed. Art is intrinsic to the nurturance of the human spirit and art’s true essence is transformative.”~ Lisa Rasmussen MFA

The Hands of Creation series manifested in 2006 to 2010 from my teaching and creating a transformative art program to vulnerable and emotionally troubled children at Lincoln Child Center, a mental health agency for severely emotionally traumatized youth in Oakland, CA.

Ideally, in my work and teaching, I seek to honor that state of the soul where the artist/child experiences the ultimate liberation, which is the personal act of creation itself.

“What does art mean to you? 

Join the conversation and add what does Art mean to you in the comment section below.

Ever since I began as a transformative art teacher at Lincoln Child Center, I have been asking this ongoing question to myself and to my students everyday that we meet in the “calm room’ –the art room. This is whattranspires.

Javier one of my students who is age 7, said “painting makes me feel happy. When I make art, I learn about the parts of myself that are a mystery.”

Art helps me find my own creativity. Darill, Age 11

When I grow up I want to create video games and I want to become a scientist who studies volcanoes.  When I created this painting I grew as an artist. Art is fun. My favorite thing to do in art is everything. I come from a long line of artists.  My family is Cambodian it reflects on me to shine and to become an Artist. In art I am always learning and making up new techniques. When I grow up, I want to be a mechanic. The most beautiful moment in my life was when I was brought into this world. Rayu, Age 12.

Art means I do not quit and I learn patience.  When I grow up I want to a football player/artist. Jericho, Age 12

Art is joyful. I learn about quality in myself when I doing art. Alexus, Age 12

Art is fun!!  It is an expression of my feelings. I love to paint. Through the colors that I use I am getting to know myself. From doing art I am learning to use better actions when I am angry. I put my anger and expression in my art. Ian, Age 12

Tell me about a beautiful moment in your life?  When I made my first painting at LCC.

Art brings hope to me, inspires me as an artist, encourages faith in myself and helps me dream into my future. I enjoy painting and lettering on canvas. In art I learn to express my feelings and calm myself down. I also learn that I can do what I want to do and be what I want to be when I do art. Isabel, Age 13

Tell me about a beautiful moment in your life?

When I was born was a beautiful moment because I came into the world and I am gonna be somebody.

When I was ten I discovered that I loved art. I find art very therapeutic. When I feel that life is tough I do art. To me art is freedom and power.Jasmine, Age 14

What do you want to be when you grow up?  When I am an older my wishes are live in India and to have an art studio and teach other children the power art.

Art it is cool. I like to paint, draw, and do anything that starts with an A. I just love art. Ruben, Age 8

What do you want to be when you grow up?I want to be an artiste.

Tell me about a beautiful moment in your life? My happy place called art

Art is a way of life.  My favorite thing to do in art is make the painting bright.  In art I learn more and more. Marquis, Age 12

Art is very  peaceful.  while doing art I am a calmer person. The most beautiful moment in my life was when I was painting roses on a wall in fourth grade art class. Julius, Age 11

Art is the expression of my feelings. My favorite thing to do in art is action painting.  I have learned that I am an artist. Anthony, Age 13

Art is power. When I do art I am at peace and I learn that I can make no mistakes. Shay, Age 11

Art means to me family, earth, and flowers. When I am painting I learn about relationships and that I am happy. Kacey, Age 10


“Hope” by Jose, Age 12

Rayu won an ART award at the Pro Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland

 Butterfly Man, by Austin, age 8

Mask making, Hadari, age 12 (RIP)

Jasmine, super ART star, age, 13

Austin, age 8

Jasmine, super ART star, age, 13

Tamoni, Perry, and Ms. Vinya

“Energy”  Aaron, age 14

Art means I can do anything I put my mind to. Art is a thing I love to do it is relaxing and calming. Austin, Age 11 turning 12

What do you want to be when you grow up? Billionaire

Tell me about a beautiful moment in your life?  When I did this painting it is the best one I have ever done.

Art is about  learning to have faith and to have fun. Sarah, Age 11

Art is about spirit’s and stuff. In art I like to paint and shake it around. And use my imagination. I learn about patience and it makes me feel good about myself. Hadari, Age 11

Art makes me feel good and no one can take that from me. I learned from art I am talented. Dion, Age 10

Art is about expressing myself. My favorite thing to do in art is abstract painting. In art I learned that I can get my feelings out. Javaya, Age 11

Art is everything to me and when I do art I learn about life. Michael, Age 11

Art means love.  It teaches me patience and that I m creative. Ashley. Age 10

Art means a lot. Art takes you into another dimension. It is better than anything in this world. With art I learn about life and that I am a good person. Alerria, Age 12 getting ready to be 13

Art is about feelings. I learn how to speak up for myself. Manisha, Age 11

Art is about love. Charles, Age 11

Lisa: I am truly amazed at what you have accomplished and the level to which you have taken our art program. I get a big smile every time I see an email, knowing that you are once again doing great things for our kids. It is truly  transformative in their lives, and in ours. Thank you,
Christine Stoner-Mertz, CEO of Lincoln Child Center in Oakland

And thank you for being the source of its creation!

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Check out the interview I did for the Arts and Healing Network

Below is the article, and you can listen to her interview online here.



Art Break Day Co-Founder and Healing Artist: Lisa Rasmussen
May 2013

Lisa Rasmussen is a transformative artist, educator, curator and art advocate who truly believes and embodies the notion that art can change and heal the world.

Lisa is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Art is Moving and the 3rd Annual Art Break Day. Art Break Day is a communty art-reach event that offers thousands of people the means and space to connect with their community via the art-making process. She is also the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Art 4 All People and AY Atelier Art, an international sanctuary for arts and consciousness online and in Malibu, CA.
Additionally, Lisa pioneered an award-winning expressive arts program for emotionally traumatized and abused youth, and developed a professional art gallery for the residents of Lincoln Child Center, a mental health facility in Oakland, CA.  She is also a professional artist, and her paintings are her spiritual practice. To learn more about Lisa and her work, please visit www.artismovingnow.com,www.art4allpeople.com, and www.ayatelierart.com.

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New Painting Metamorphosis






Lisa Rasmussen MFA, photography was selected from 1000’s of international artists who had submitted their work

My work was chosen from 1000’s of International Artist’s, whose amazing ARTworks had

ARTbreak 2011 San Francisco Site
Just the Beginning of the photos!!!
“We feel that everybody should have the opportunity to do art for free,” said Rasmussen, an abstract painter.

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