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Goddess Pilgrimage to the Island of Miracles: Tinos & Delos Greece

June 9 – June 16, 2017

Artemis: Sacred Journeys to the Soul


With Facilitators & Guides

Rockwood Lane PhD, RN  and
Lisa Rasmussen MFA,

Delos Pilgrimage with Michael Samuels, MD

What would it be like to spend an entire week rediscovering and honoring your Divine Self?

Reserve Your Place in this enchanted circle: Deposit $500 Pay HERE

DEADLINE: May 15,  2017

Come journey with us to the Greek island of Tinos, for an empowering and creative eight-day sacred Yoga and Art retreat. Tinos is a Cyclades island filled with delights and treasures. Awaken and rekindle your ancient inner Goddess wisdom through YogART, dream-work/art, intuitive painting, evocation, initiation, personal mythology, ritual , sacred sites, incredible food, and adventure. All illuminated by the intersection of the creative, the sacred, and the healing spirit. Each of our retreats weave together art, yoga, meditation, connection to the spirit of the land, personal empowerment, a reverence for all life, and Lila (Divine play.)

Each day we activate a Grecian Goddess Archetype, through intention, evocation, dreamwork, and a transformative Yoga and Art workshop. HER spirit will guide us through our daily practice, across the surreal landscape, and into the vibrant Greek culture. In this transformative Art,Dream work, Meditation, Exploring the Chakra’s. Yoga, Deep Listening and Nature Sound Healing Retreat you will envision your goals and embody your higher calling. This Retreat will cultivate the unique capacity of the Arts to heal, awaken, manifest and transform. In our integrative and holistic Retreat program you will dive deep into your intra personal transformation through Art and its magical processes. In turn you will gain access to innate wisdom that will guide you into becoming a powerful Transformative Artist and Manifestor. We look forward to supporting, to listening, and to fostering your inner Muse!

What await? Bliss


  • Dive deep into the Mysteries and Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine with transformative Yoga and Art workshops based on the Greek Goddesses. Body mapping, mandala making, intuitive painting,dream art, journaling, and eco art with Mary Rockwood Lane and Lisa Rasmussen
  • Sacred Sites and Enchanting tour of Delos with Dr. Michael
  • Greet the Aegean sea with morning Beach Yoga sessions
  • Build community, friendship and support Be part of a Goddess Bee
    Hive we form
  •  Exploring the quaint villages of Tinos
  • Basking in the sun on Tino’s beaches
  • Enchanted evocation, beneath the Full Moon we will activate your
    Priestess archetype
  • Connection with the Goddess of the sea at the Golden Beach Hotel
    where we will be staying
  •   Art Supplies
  •  7 Breakfast and 7 Lunch included. Two Special Dinners

Remember that each one of us is a healer, an artist,a priestess, and is a goddess. Come find her, remember her, be her, and return home with an epiphany of your true power!


Reserve Your Place in this enchanted circle: Deposit $500 Pay HERE

Early Bird Pricing till May 7, 2017

Single $1799  Early Bird $1699 Pay HERE

Double/Shared per person:
$1599 Early Bird  $1499 Pay HERE

Triple/Shared 3 per person:
$1399  Early Bird $1299 Pay HERE

We will follow up with an e-mail and confirmation.

Inquiries E-MAIL Lisa at artemissacredjourneys@gmail.com


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