Featured in the Documentary: Transformative Art is?

This post features a film created by Cynthia Hanson in the Holistic Studies graduate program at JFKU, in Arts and Consciousness. She interviews several Transformative Artist posing the inquiry, what is transformative Art?

What does Transformative Art mean to you?

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Art that connects you to a deeper self.
Art that evokes the memory of something that is truly real.
Art that is deep wound healing.
Art as sacred space, offered as a gift.
Art that is conscious.
Art that sparks.

At its heart, Transformative Art is about movement, truth, and change. When our habits and choices are governed by the unprocessed wounds we carry within, change is blocked. Movement is blocked. Truth is hidden. Transformative Art engenders movement from inner to outer, from fertile darkness to the receiving canvas. The truth is what we learn about ourselves from consciously dialoguing with our creation: darkness has come forth into beauty and rests safely in objective form. Now we can communicate differently with a deep part of our being that was previously hidden. Now we can validate feelings that arise and may be attached to memories of specific experiences in the past. As the process is repeated, the backlog of dark matter begins to be addressed, goes up and out into creation so that new space can open up inside. This is where change is born in infinite variety and force. Cynthia Hanson M.A.

The video’s below reveal the inquiry

We would love to know. What do you think Transformative Art is?

Artists featured in the film are Catherine Adams, Cynthia Hanson, Jessica Serran, John Sanders, Lisa Rasmussen, Mike Grady, and Tomoko Murakami


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