Artist Statement

I am an award winning Transformative Artist and Educator. Also, a world traveler and a sacred site enthusiast. My world view is animistic as much of my work is about the exploration and dissolution of the edge between spirit and matter.

Artist Statement



Caol ‘Ait (thin places)

My transformative art is a recorded event of my deep interest in mysticism and the natural world, as well as a passageway into my own mythical inversion of reality. A key element in my process is the study and travel to ancient cultures and sacred sites, whose shamanistic worldview encompassed a belief in a magical Other World.

Ever since childhood I have been fascinated with the liminal —- the neither here nor there, the betwixt or the in-between.  I found it to be a realm of pure possibility. The ancient Celts called this state Caol ‘ait or “thin places”, were the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds merge. I have found that through my creative process I can pass through a type of threshold that allows me to enter this realm of consciousness, where one can explore the interflow between soul and matter and between time and eternity.

My surfaces are painted over layers of symbols and forms, recalling cave walls and or ritual chambers. While creating I employ my two mental allies, instinct and intuition, to create a canvas of chaos and order. For me the painting process is very meditative, as I pour, drip, mono print, and then patiently wait as each painted layer reveals itself. Also, my paintings usually have two halves in that separation, I really fascinated by the mysterious relationship that is created between the two planes.

IMG_1199 IMG_1189
Lisa poured out The Thin Places for all to see. And in her hand the bending spree, in wistful, flowing, calming traumic interface, the witness be. The space between, the space unseen, the space where the twilight and the knowing sheen, find in each other the harmonic mean.– Cameron Thrash