FullSizeRender (23)Get your slice of heaven! Had some collectors visit my studio yesterday. They loved the Heaven series!
Launched on this gorgeous August full moon, my latest series, “Heaven” is inspired and influenced by the cosmo’s, sacred sites, and the cycles of the moon. These meditative pieces are windows (portals) to ground you in this world, while simultaneously take you on journey into another world.

For me these works are spiritual and sacred. I am defining “spiritual” not as religious, but as the urge – to transcend self or the present moment, to connect with the universe in some larger way. As well as the “Heaven” series are contemplation pieces to connect with ones inner wisdom and inner world.

“The more I follow my inner wisdom, the better I am able to care for myself, and the more things just fall into place” Shakti Gawain

These are intimate original paintings are for meditation, feng shui, and for your sacred spaces. Each piece comes with creative writing meditation to activate the artwork in your space. Where it can become an entry point and or talisman for self care, reflection, and personal growth.

Medium: Original Acrylic on Canvas:Square: 6” x 6” Price $200
Medium Original Acrylic on Canvas: Rectangle: 5” x 7” Price $200

E-mail at to acquire your slice of heaven!

Heaven Series Collection