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Each of us is an Artist, we all create in our own unique way. In my FLOW creative coaching you will empower your Self, inner artist, intuitive, and inner healer. When we learn to dance and embrace our internal creative guides through your own FLOW, we find new ways thinking. We create new ways of seeing the world, and we find better solutions to thrive in Life!

“Change your story and live your life on purpose”

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Transformation Finding Your Own Artist and Healer Within.

FLOW is specific mindful focus is on helping an individual tap into the power Art within themselves. Our approach is holistic, in each session we integrate practices, that engage the mind, body, and spirit. Each session is synthesis of movement, yoga (yoking), breath work, art making, stream of consciousness writing, mirroring, and discovery. Through this process we realize that the answers are within and our own truth begins to shine forth. The Art that is created in each session becomes a talisman and embodiment of our experience. Your creation, your Art becomes your greatest teacher. Flow coaching sessions are available for people interested in self discovery and engaging their creative powers.  Becoming a witness, to the activation of  the transformation that occurs when your creative and healing forces merge.

Art & Soul Coaching proven to transform

  • Aligns you to your desires, dissolve creative blocks, find better solutions
  • Anxiety ~ Social Phobia
  • Loss weight 
  • Creates your blueprint, Shifts your awareness and empowers
  • Taps you into your own mysteries and reveals the treasures that are within you, Refines the ideal image of who you consciously choose to be
  • And clears away what you want less of…

7 Reasons Why To Use Flow Coaching? Happiness, Career, Relationship, Live Life Fully, Be More Creative, Find Your Purpose, and Heal Known and Unknown Wounds.


We want to guide you into a healthy and empowered state of being. We want to support you on your healing journey to take the steps forward to experiencing life at its fullest. ” Lisa

We begin the journey with

  1. Intake and assessment session that hyper focuses your individual needs. Integrated with transformative art making and process. At home art making, writing, and other contemplative processes required.
  2. Alchemy: Integrative Transformative Art Making transforming the issue through the creation of an intuitive painting. From the intake we will tailor the Art process to you. At home art making, writing, and other contemplative processes required.
  3. ReSoulution: Witness and process session that hyper focuses on healing and an empowering solution. Integrated with transformative art making and process.

COACHING SESSIONS: are conducted in person, over the phone or on Skype. We offer a free introductory 15 minute phone call to allow individuals to decide whether or not we are the right fit for their needs.Some of our clients use coaching as needed and prefer to pay as they go, while others choose to commit to a multi-session package for the discount, convenience and to ensure more consistent results. We accept Paypal, credit, cash and check.

To book your session, please email art4allpeople@gmail.com


SINGLE SESSIONS: 60 minutes $120 per session 30 minutes $60.00


  • 3: 60 minute sessions $340 (Savings of $20.00)
  • 5: 60 minute sessions $550 (Savings of $50.00)
  • 8: 60 minute sessions $885 (Savings of $75.00)
  • 12: 60 minute sessions $1330 (Savings of $110)
  • 15: 60 minutes sessions $1650 (Savings of $150)
  • 6 month package 24 sessions $2655 (Savings of $225)

FLOW Artist & Life Coach: Lisa Rasmussen MFA

Profession: Artist, Muse, Motherless Daughter, Healing Alchemist, Tree Hugger, Cat Lady, Sacred Site Traveler, and Impassioned Painter

Art has saved Lisa life many times. She brings over ten plus years of art and healing teaching/mentoring with At-Risk populations. Working deeply with severely emotionally and physically traumatized youth . Lisa holds an MFA in Arts and Consciousness from JFK University in Berkeley, California. She is an artist, educator, curator and art advocate who believes that art can change and heal the world. A key conceptual element of her artistic process is the study of and travel to ancient cultures and sacred sites around the world. Rasmussen serves as Executive Director and Co-Founder of Art 4 All People and AY Atelier Art, an international Center for arts and consciousness in Malibu, California. As well as the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the non-profit Art is Moving and Art Break Day.

Lisa’s Art is Life Mantra: “You Are Art, Everyone is Art, and Everything is Art True Art is when the Artist becomes the Art itself. You are the Creator of your own Creation. Art is Life, Life is Art