Artist, Muse, Alchemist, Tree Hugger, Cat Lady, Mystic, Foodie, Thalassophile (Lover of the Sea) Sacred Site Wonderjunkie.

Lisa is on a humble mission to transform and heal the planet, as well as all people through 12322658_10156601281450567_801699441918547185_oArt and its amazing processes. She has worked with 1000’s of individuals mentoring, teaching, & guiding them to find their own voice of freedom. Which is their unique and empowering creative expression. Lisa has received numerous awards for her transformative art programs, exhibitions, and teachings.

She offers Workshops, Training’s, Art & Soul Coaching, Transformative Art Consulting, Artistic Development,Program Development, and her Paintings & Photography are for sale!

To contact her e-mail at 415.377.4956

Facebook page HERE