Transformative Art Programs, Teachings, & Projects


Community Artist, Painter, Educator, Transformative Art Program Creator, and Collaborator

I have developed practices and programs that transform you and the world. I Believe That Art is For Everyone. Art is part of the solution and when activated it becomes a healing force within All. 







1999- Present: Transformative Artist, Teacher Creativity Coach,Painter, and Curator: Artist Lisa Rasmussen

2012- Present: Co-Founding Director of Art 4 All People, Co-Creator of the YogART Way. Curated 16 acclaimed transformative Arts and Healing exhibitions.  MUSE: The Art of Healing and Transformation.

2013: JFKU Alumni of the year award for Transformative Programming.

2008 -present Co-founding Director of Art is Moving’s (501c3/Non Profit) & Co-Creator Art Break Day: A Global Participatory Celebration of Art.

2009 Graduate Transformative Art Mentor, Arts and Consciousness Graduate Program John F Kennedy University Berkeley, CA

2009 Co-Creator of ARTcart Program on the streets of Oakland. Received a 10K Grant from the KONO. Participatory Art.

PROFILE PIC 3JFKU: Holistic Studies Graduate Student of the Year Award Lisa Rasmussen:

Five years ago, you entered the Department of Arts & Consciousness as a student in the Transformative Arts program. As your creative process unfolded, your paintings grew ever more compelling. By the end of three years, you transferred to the MFA program to more deeply engage your artwork. During this period, you continued to develop a program in transformative arts for clients at the Lincoln Child Center in Oakland. Your program bridged the gap between art as a transformative tool and art as a form of cultural expression. Your Lincoln Child Care Center students exhibited their work in a Sausalito Gallery and were the focus of an annual benefit for the Center. Because of your dedicated and creative work with the students at Lincoln Child Center, they have experienced the invaluable joy of self-expression and the all-important process of being seen in their fuller humanity. You have been a profound, transformative influence in their lives.

As an artist, your work has gone far beyond the limits of traditional painting. Your final MFA Exhibition entitled Caol Ait (Thin Spaces) reveals the full scope and power of your artwork, moving beyond the genre of painting into installation and environmental art, as well as movement, ritual and sculpture. In your teaching and in your artwork you celebrate the realization that art lives at the edges of life and spirit. You explore and then dissolve the boundaries between inner and outer, self and other and in so doing represent the highest ideals of Holistic Studies. You are an outstanding individual, and we are proud to nominate you as Student of the Year. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success.

~Peter M. Rojcewicz, PHD – Dean, School of Holistic Studies

Why is Art Transformative: Video Featuring Lisa discussing her process and philosophy. See HERE

I am featured in this documentary about Lincoln Child Center

2008 Co Creator of Lincoln Child Centers-Eco Trail Facilitated eight Eco artists to create a magical environmental trail for the children and staff at Lincoln

2008- 2010: Lincoln Child Centers At risk-Youth Photography Program -Grant Art 4 Moore

2007- 2010: Art of Transformation, Studio 333-Sausalito: Pioneered, the Art of Transformation art exhibition gives marginalized and high risk students the ability to be creative, successful visionaries

2006 -2010 Art/Activity Therapist. Transformative Art Program Creator, Curated Youth Exhibitions, and Community Outreach. Lincoln Child Center, Oakland, CA Worked with Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) kids.Developed special projects to build links between the children and the larger community.Led efforts to display students’ art in professional galleries and public spaces.Facilitated and opened Phil Harley Youth  Professional Gallery on campus

2009: 1000 Hearts and Hands, Lincoln Child Center Community Art Reach Exhibition Project.

2008-2009: Community Art Reach Gallery Manager, Curator, and Event Producer. Red Door Gallery in Oakland.

  • Gallery promotes community dialogue and provides a space for struggling artists, disadvantaged youth, the elderly, and others to exhibit art

 2005-2006 Art with Elders Transformative Art Teacher, Union City, CA Developed a Transformative Watercolor Program

Ms. Rasmussen displays the desire and individual initiative to identify student needs. This ability allows her to develop a place of action that brings out the individuality and creativity of each student. The Art program, for which she has been responsible, has enabled our school to salvage students who otherwise would have been “drop outs.” Frank Taylor, Principle at Extended Day School, Rogers Arkansas

Developed and implemented a transformative art program & curriculum.Used art mentoring as a tool for transformation to empower at-risk youth.

  • 2001 ESL Teacher, Guangzhou Practical English and French School, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China.
  • 2001 Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Dreams and Dreamwork: Dream Group Leadership instructed by Prof. Jeremy Taylor, Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. Creating my own dream art during this process.